OpenCart Multi-Store: Different Prices for the Same Product

In the official OpenCart documentation, you will read the following:

You can set different prices for each store you have setup.

This sentence suggests that you can enter multiple prices for one product. But there is only 1 “Price” field, no matter how many stores you have.

So, is this possible at all?


Let's see how you can assign different prices to the same product in an OpenCart multi-store setup:

  1. In you OpenCart dashboard go to Sales>Customers>Customer Groups
    Opencart Customer Groups
    Opencart Customer Groups
  2. Insert a new customer group for each of your stores. You can use the “Default” group for one of the stores, but naming the groups with the store name will make it easier for you to manage in the future. Here I created 2 customer groups with dummy names: “Store 1” and “Store 2” for my 2 stores.
    Add a new customer group in OpenCart
    Add a new customer group in OpenCart
  3. Next, you have to go to Catalog>Products and edit each product that you want to set a different price for.
  4. On the product form page switch to the “Discount” tab. Make sure that you enter 1 for “Quantity”. Otherwise you're creating a discount for bulk purchases only.
    OpenCart Product "Discount" tab
    Product “Discount” tab
  5. After you have edited all of your products, switch to System>Settings. You have to assign the customer
    groups you created to each of your stores.
    OpenCart Settings menu
    OpenCart Settings menu
  6. Click “Edit” for a store and switch to the “Option” tab
    OpenCart System settings "Option" tab
    System settings “Option” tab
  7. Scroll down to the “Account” section of the options. Assign a customer group for this store. For example, I assigned the “Store 1” customer group to the “Store 1” store.
    OpenCart system options "Account" section
    System options “Account” section

And here is the result. In “Store 1” I'm selling the HP LP3065 laptop for $70.
OpenCart Setting Customer Group per Store

In “Store 2” I'm selling it for $200.
OpenCart Multi Price per Item

If you’re using OpenCart Mobile Framework Multi-store this trick will work automatically on your mobile stores, too!

If you're wondering how I got that big apple (my second store logo) to fit into the website header, read this article:

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10 thoughts on “OpenCart Multi-Store: Different Prices for the Same Product”

    1. Hey Jack,

      No, usually everyone should be able to see them. Have you changed the “Login Display Prices” setting in System>Settigs?

      Did you assign different customer groups to all of your stores?

  1. Hi, I try to find out how can I display 2 different prices for the same product at the same store. For example suppose you have “Product A” at $100.


    Physical (real) store price = $80
    Internet price (online order only) = $75

    So, customers will get the lowest possible price only through online order.

    Is this possible?

    1. Hey Jan,

      I think that you don’t need a multi store and a different pricing in your case.

      Here’s something else you can try:

      1. Add the online price as a special price in OpenCart. When you edit a product, you’ll find this option on the “Special” tab.
      2. Then, the price will appear like this: “Price: $80 $75″ However, this doesn’t make it very clear to visitors that it’s an online-only promotion. So, I made a quick patch which will change the text from “Price:” to “Order online now and save X%:”. You can download it here:

      Hope this helps.

      1. Hello dear
        i want to use multistore and same product price is diff in this store then how can i get this ..
        please help me..

        thanking you
        viral patel

  2. Hi Gergana

    I was wondering if this would work for my scenario. I have a single store that sells items held by a number of small physical stores. So my store would sell their products for them. Each of the stores might have the very same product at a slightly different price. Is this possible with OC and you method?


    1. Hey Neil,

      Yes, it’s absolutely possible. In fact, this is the best way to do it because with a multi-store setup you will be able to manage the stock of all products from a single dashboard.

      For example, product A costs $15 on store X and product A costs $10 on store Y. When somebody buys product A from store X, the stock will be subtracted and this will be automatically reflected on store Y. This way you make sure your stock levels are always in sync.

      Give this a try and let me know if you run into any issues.


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