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vQmod Script for OpenCart Extension back-end demo

This blog is mainly about OpenCart issues, tips, tricks and basically the most interesting bits of the stuff that I deal with. Today I’ll take on a slightly different perspective. This article will be most useful to extension developers

I wanted to showcase the admin panel of OpenCart Mobile Framework. It’s a module that lets you make quick settings for our extension. The only way to let users browse the module is to allow them to log in to the back-end. So, I needed a demo user with no rights, besides opening and displaying the module options.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. In System > Users > Users insert a new user and name it demo, password demo.
  2. Assign it to the “Demonstration” group. (If you don’t have one, create it in System > Users > User Groups).
  3. Edit the “Demonstration” group rights to set up the appropriate permissions . (Unselect all “modify” permissions and select only the few “access” permissions that you need for your module)
  4. Download the script below.

You can see the result here: http://www.omframework.com/demo/admin/
User: demo
Password: demo

This script limits the administrator user, as well, but this works perfectly for a demo installation of OpenCart. 

Do you have any ideas how this script can be improved? Share them in the comments below.

Admin demo helper script


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